the tao of badass-How to approach a girl you don t know

How to approach a girl you don t know

Tao of badass

If you've been approaching lately, you know it's kinda tough sometimes.Sure, if you're in a good mood, and you're with your boys, it can feel like you're king of the world. But other times, it feels like pure work, with nothing to show for it.Well approaching girls is difficult and most men will never approach them because of fear of rejection.Both guys and girls avoid approaching their desired partners because they are afraid to do so.
There is some remedy to this problem and its not very complicated its pretty easy but most people and guys in general failed to release this.

Don't Think Of the outcome:
When we approach girls we have an outcome in our minds like i really want this girlfriend and she is so pretty i really want her.That's cool but the simple problem is that we have no idea wheather she is interested in us or not.We find her attractive and that is it.In order to find more about her we need to approach her in a natural authentic way .If we have an outcome in our mind like  i will make her to chase me or that she is definitely my next girlfriend then that can be heart breaking if she reject us .That rejection could be of any reason but first step is to approach a girl you like without any outcome in your mind .That way your conversation will look natural and authentic .

Say anything you want to say:
Next part is to say anything you want to say .There is no rule for it you should  say anything that you have in your mind make the conversation look natural .You don't need any pickup line just ask anything about her or give her a compliment whatever you like todo.For women   your authentic self is the most attractive self.So, keep the conversation natural and real .

Don't get too excited:
If a girls show you her interest then don't  get too jumpy .You should be happy for it and you should enjoy it but don't make your expectation too high.If she gives you her number then thanks her and call her back if you have time to do so but don't make your expectation too much high like now you owned her .So keep it natural and real .
Keep your approach natural and real and without any outcome.--

Hope these points will help you     

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